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This is a Brother Echelon 77 made in Japan in 1973. This typewriter features a soft (not replaced) platen, new draw band, new feet and new ribbon. We have also thoroughly cleaned the inside and outside of the typewriter.  Any necessary repairs have been made so that this machine performs as it should for years to come. Also included is the travel case and manual.


We at TB Writers Plus LLC guarantee your typewriter for 60 days from the date of pickup/the day it ships out. The typewriter must be presented within those 60 days or proper communication must be made acknowledging the issue and arranging for machine to be brought in.


This guarantee covers repairs necessary from regular use and wear, not repairs caused by accidents, misuse, or neglect. Damages incurred during shipping are not covered by the guarantee and will be addressed separately. Guarantee covers parts and repairs listed on the attached invoice.

1973 Brother Echelon 77

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