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The Results

Below you can see examples of the machines that pass over our benches and back into customer hands.

Let me tell you something, if you want fresh picked tomatoes these people aren't for you...However, if you've dusted off your fedora, are in the mood to write the great American novel and need your typewriter repaired then these are the expert mechanical geniuses to get you typing like a 1940's newsman in no time. They've done work for me on multiple machines and take expert care to be communicative, thorough and make the ole clickty clack sing like new.
If you're looking to get a typewriter, have one repaired or simply want to muse over typewriter history, this is the place to go. If you're looking for something specific, I'd recommend calling ahead. They have numerous typewriters in their inventory, but not all are in ready-to-go states. This makes it easy to pick a typewriter and the services you want performed to match your budget. Overall, I highly recommend their services.
Trevor and Becca are incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and passionate in all things typewriter. They were very personable and helpful as they showed me their vast collection of machines, which contains anything you could ever dream of from fixer uppers to restored perfection. They answered all of my questions and were extremely patient as I chose the best machine for me. They made the entire process fun despite me being indecisive. There were just so many from which to choose! I took home a gorgeous 1909 Underwood showpiece and cannot wait to purchase more for my collection. Went home with some awesome stickers too! If you’re looking to enhance your collection or fix up that old typewriter you inherited from a family member, TB Writers Plus is your best bet.
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